Este curso está destinado a alumnos que van a examinarse del B2 First próximamente. Si te interesa, envíeme un correo.

This course is aimed at students who plan to take the Cambridge B2 First exam soon.

If you are interested, send me an email.

Course curriculum

  1. Welcome to the course!

  2. Paper 1: Reading and Use of English (a)

  3. Paper 1 Reading and Use of English (b)

  4. Paper 2: Writing

  5. Paper 3: Listening

  6. Paper 4: Speaking

About this course

All you need to pass the B2 First exam

Empower your learning!

  • B2 First Exam Practice

    Yes! You will do ALL the Parts for each Paper, just like in the real exam! I will provide you with the answers and explanations as you work through each part.

  • Video Tutorials

    Video tutorials to guide you through each Paper and show you how to answer each Part. Rewatch as many times as you need!

  • Fun Quizzes!

    Fun quizzes to test your understanding of the techniques you have learned. Retake as many times as you need!

  • Uncomplicated!

    Easy to understand steps to each part of the B2 First exam. Making your learning simply better and faster!

  • Intensive but doable!

    You have 28 days to complete the course but you study when it is convenient to you. Flexible, intensive and all the tips to help you pass B2 First!

  • Tips that work!

    Tips and techniques that work! Over 20 years' experience all here for you! I really recommend you take this course before you go for the B2 First.

  • Certificate

    When you successfully complete the course, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement!


Yolanda Hartshorne

Academic Coach


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