Academic Writing skills for Undergradutates

This course will take you through all the stages involved in writing an assignment for university study.  

It includes research techniques and academic writing skills, planning and delivering an excellent essay for your professors. 

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About this course

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  • Tips that work!

    Clear tips to get you started and which you can keep for future reference!

  • Fun Quizzes!

    Fun quizzes to test your understanding of the techniques you have learned.

  • Chat

    You can ask me questions as you work through sections! Yes, I am with you all through the course!

  • Join the Community!

    When you enrol in an Academic Skills course, you will join the Community, where you will meet other students, ask questions and practice your English!

  • Zoom tutorials

    You will have a 30 minute Zoom tutorial with me. This is a great opportunity to ask me any questions or concerns you might have about your writing.

  • Writing assignment

    You will submit a complete 1500 word academic essay to me online and I will provide you with feedback and tips on how to improve.

  • Certificate

    When you complete the course successfully, you will receive a Certificate of Achievement!


Yolanda Hartshorne

Academic Coach